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Huntress Feather Headband
Native Inspired Free Spirited

Beautiful peacock and pheasant feathers drape down from a brown woven suede braided headband currently with SILVER toned beads.
Perfect for long hair!

Can be wrapped around your head once or Twice for varying style options.
It can even be worn as an arm band
Can also be worn as a lariat necklace.
The headband has an adjustable sliding bead that is for tightening around the head , much easier than having to tie on. .

Styling tips:
If wrapping twice pull the adjustable bead back to widen the loop and twist the loop over to make it doubled up. ( the same way you would tie your hair back with an elastic hair tie.. the same twist )
for different styles you can pull one side of the headband a little longer which will give the effect of a longer feather extension.
Custom colors and lengths are avaiable by request!
Feel free to ask anytime!


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